Floor Box Moves

Floor Box Moves

Upgrading your office layout or simply needing to optimize your data and power access points? At, we understand the importance of strategically placed floor boxes for a productive and efficient workspace. That’s why we offer expert floor box move services to ensure a seamless and disruption-free relocation of these critical components.

Challenges of DIY Floor Box Moves:

Disruption to Workflow

Moving floor boxes can lead to disruptions in network connectivity and power access, impacting your employees' productivity.

Technical Expertise Required

Properly relocating floor boxes requires knowledge of cabling infrastructure and potential compatibility issues.

Safety Concerns

Improper handling of floor boxes and cabling can lead to damage or safety hazards.

Benefits of Using for Floor Box Moves:

Our Floor Box Move Services:

Pre-Move Assessment

We thoroughly assess your current floor box layout and your new desired locations.

Detailed Planning and Scheduling

We meticulously plan the relocation process to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth workflow.

Safe Disconnection and Relocation

Our technicians carefully disconnect and move your floor boxes, ensuring all cabling remains secure and intact.

Reconnection and Testing

We reconnect your floor boxes to the existing infrastructure and conduct thorough testing to verify functionality.

Post-Move Support

We offer ongoing support to ensure your relocated floor boxes function optimally and meet your evolving needs.

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