On 12th April, most businesses have started to gradually open and begin
trading close to normal in these difficult times.

Understandably working environments have had to be Covid friendly and safe. This may lead to temporary or permanent changes in office layout, and staff protection and customer measures.

It may still be a long road to recovery for working environments to return back to normal and until then Relo IT is at your disposal for complete workplace solutions. Don’t forget, we will continue to be by your side even after your workplace has returned to normal capacity.




I.T Cleaning Service

Clean equipment means less breakage and downtime. Nevertheless due to current circumstances with COVID-19 your IT equipment should be polished and cleaned ready after transitioning back into your normal working environment

Our bespoke I.T Cleaning service in London involves:

● Cleaning exterior and interior hardware.
● Carried out by Professional and Experienced staff.
● 24 Hour Services.

Are you another business that is considering Relocating?

Our team at Relo-I.T understand moving location can be a very stressful experience, even
more so with the current economical climate. However, with over twenty years of experience,
we have moved countless businesses and large corporations with a smooth and successful
transition with minimum downtime.

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Cable Management with covers wide list of products which can help you manage your installations. While making sure of health and safety standards, we ensure our cable management gives your business a smart look and we also aim on adding actual space to your office.

So, why not hire our best Cable Management Service by contacting our professional and helpful team at and you will be surprised how cost effective and affordable our services can be.


Whether you are a small business or a large establishment our professional and reliable
team members are at your service to move your equipment and heavy machinery. We also
aim to do all this efficiently, resulting in less disturbance and to get you up and running as
soon as possible.

What can I expect from your Commerical Relocation service?

● Professional team with skilled engineers.
● Detailed planning that helps support all aspects of your move.
● No nasty hidden charges.
● Convenient recycling service that meets industry standards


You may not want to relocate to a new location due to the high cost, or you are already in a
great location that is driving in business well. In this case, you might want to consider using
our secure server location service that is available in London. By doing this you will save
valuable office space in your current workplace.

What can I expect from your Server Relocation service?

● Total security with importance to your data protection.
● Complete Support from Start to Finish.
● Tailored Solution for your Business Relocation.